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In veterinary medicine, just as with human healthcare, not every illness or injury that your pet may be experiencing can be easily detected through an external examination. In these instances, it is necessary for our vets to be able to look below the surface and learn what’s happening inside your pet’s body in order to reach an accurate and timely diagnosis. With many conditions, time is of the essence. Veterinary diagnostics are invaluable tools that provide us with the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose whatever is ailing your animal companion, so we can provide appropriate treatment and improve the chances of a positive outcome.


Corinium offers a broad range of diagnostic services including laboratory testing, microscopy, blood pressure monitoring and x-ray to help manage the ongoing health of our patients. Our facility is equipped with an in house blood analyser, which provides us with results in just minutes – something that is extremely important in emergency situations. We also have the ability to conduct in house x-rays through which we can examine the skeletal structure and internal organ function to identify any abnormalities or inconsistencies in a timely and efficient manner.


For those situations where more extensive or specialized diagnostic testing is deemed necessary, we use a number of external laboratories which provide us with an expert opinion and a fast reliable service. Rest assured that, should your companion experience an illness or injury, we’re fully prepared and well equipped to get to the bottom of it so we can help return them to their normal, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.