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Corinium Veterinary Surgery

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When it comes to veterinary care, we understand that you only want the very best for your beloved animal companion. At Corinium Veterinary Surgery, we share that same goal! That’s why we’ve worked so hard to put together a system of care that will not only treat your pet in the event that he or she becomes ill, but will prevent such illnesses and diseases from occurring in the first place, promoting a lifetime of good health.


Our comprehensive services, facility and wide range of equipment have all been designed to assist each patient that we serve as they navigate through the various life stages, providing all of the support and care needed along the way. Whether it’s preventative medicine to keep your puppy or kitten healthy, ongoing medical, diagnostic, dental and surgical care throughout your pet’s adolescent and adult years, or specialized geriatric care when your pet becomes a senior, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


The complete small animal healthcare services provided at Corinium Veterinary Surgery include:


  • Preventative Healthcare

  • Veterinary Consultations

  • Nurse Consultations

  • Cat Friendly Attitude

  • Vaccinations

  • Dentistry

  • X-Rays

  • Laboratory

  • Routine Surgery

  • Dermatology

  • Nutritional Counselling

  • Weight Management

  • Microchipping

  • 24/7 Emergency


To learn more about any of our main services, please choose from the links provided below.

Preventative Healthcare


At Corinum Vet we believe that when it comes to keeping our pets happy and healthy, prevention is always the best medicine. Your animal companion shouldn’t be seen only when he or she is ill, but routinely to help prevent those illnesses from occurring in the first place. Our preventative healthcare services are designed to support all of your pet’s changing medical needs throughout his or her lifetime, including customized vaccination plans, parasite prevention, nutritional counseling, weight management, and more. Let us be there for you and your pet every step of the way, providing all of the care needed for a lifetime of good health.





Just as with humans, not every illness or injury that could be affecting our animal companions can be easily detected on the surface of the skin. In order to properly identify, diagnose and treat these various ailments, our vets must be able to learn exactly what’s happening inside the body. We achieve this through the use of veterinary diagnostics; tools which provide the ability to pinpoint precisely what is bothering your pet so that we can reach an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Corinium utilizes a range of veterinary diagnostic tools, including laboratory testing and x-ray to help manage the ongoing health of our patients.




When your pet needs surgery, it can be a frightening and stressful time for you both. Even if the procedure is routine, you may still feel uneasy about how your companion will fare. The staff at Corinium wants to set your mind at ease. We take every precaution to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients at all times, and our vets and veterinary support staff always adhere to the highest standards of care. Rest assured that when you entrust your pet to us for surgery, they will be in excellent hands with our team!


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Did you know that something as simple as brushing your pet’s teeth could add years to their life? When not properly cared for, your companion’s mouth could become a haven for bacteria, leading to everything from bad breath and tooth decay to dental disease, a much more serious condition that could affect your pet’s quality and length of life. Corinium has all of the veterinary dental services your companion needs to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health, from preventative care to treatment of existing dental problems. Let us help keep your pet smiling for many years to come!


Emergency Veterinary Care


At Corinium, we believe that our patients deserve the same level of quality care at night or on weekends as they receive during our normal operating hours, even if we can’t be there to provide that care. Emergency services are available to our patients through, Vets Now Hospital in Swindon, 01793 603800, Unit 10, Berkshire house, Country Park Business Park, Shrivenham Road, Swindon, SN1 2NR, through which pets can receive round the clock treatment and monitoring by well supported vets and nurses. Nobody wants to imagine an emergency situation for their animal companion, but it’s important to be prepared, just in case. Rest assured that should your pet need urgent medical care when we are not open, Vets Now Swindon will be there to assist with any and all of your veterinary care needs.

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